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Our marinades are all made from scratch! Each one contains a unique blend of homemade ingredients and spices!


  1. Chicken – This one makes an excellent chicken marinade! It has a nice kick to it, but not overpowering! It is a vinegar ketchup, and water based product. We marinade our chicken in our restaurants for 24-48 hours. You can leave in marinade for a week and even cook the marinade on the outside of the chicken like we do. Take your chicken to a new level of flavor and buy this product!
  2. Ham –  Our ham marinade is excellent for any ham cooking. Thanksgiving, Christmas or just a night your Ham would thank you for using this product. You can even glaze this mix over a cold sandwich.
  3. Pickles – Our pickles are in a house made brine, we sell these as pickle chips.
  4. Turkey – This is a great turkey marinade for any turkey cooking, this marinade is excellent and taste good to even just dip the turkey in it. This is an apricot glaze and has the nice sweet and savory notes.
  5. Steak – This marinade is strong, but very tasty. You marinade only for 30 minutes and rinse it off, pat dry your steak and then grill them up. I always save some on the side and base a little while they are cooking to help enhance the flavor!

If any allergies are required to be mentioned, please contact us first by email before purchasing to avoid any life threatening allergies that could be contacted by ordering these products.

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Chicken, Ham, Pickles, Turkey, Steak


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